Andy: A couple of mornings in a row, maybe two weeks ago, we started getting our door bell knocked on. Like, I’d go to the door, and there’d be no one there.
Interviewer: Terrible, terrible!
Andy: So I was thinking: “These kids around the neighbourhood, on the way to school, and it's like... okay.”. Five past eight it happened, two mornings in a row. So. Because I’m a bit like that, the third morning, I got ready at three minutes past eight! Had me eye in the little hole, had me hand on the door, and I was gonna, like, as I saw the kid coming up… was gonna open the door and go, “Rawr!” You know, to scare the kid off. Little did I know that Liam had been driving up to my house. [Everybody in the room laughs.] So I’m looking through the peephole, and this big figure comes up, and he’s got his hood on, you know, hiding his identity or something, and… I come out the door. I dunno who was scared more: me or him!
Interviewer: So, Liam, you didn’t know that Andy was going to open the door?
Liam: No, man. I heard some fidgeting around behind the door—
Andy: You didn’t, you didn’t hear anything!
Liam: I thought, ‘I gotta get a move on, man. Today’s not the day, man. But I’ll be back tomorrow’ and then, before I knew it, Andy was out there, man… chasing me around the road.
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